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Broken Bay – Plan B to get Sydney Harbour Water Tours into business

Broken bay is familiar territory for me having sailed to the area from Port Jackson in the past. Broken Bay was my plan B as we cruised south. It was dark and I was looking for the glow of Sydney Harbour that I thought must surely come to my horizon soon.

This was the last leg, the final push to bring Ellie home on this epic adventure – so we can get her out and about hosting Sydney Harbour experiences.

A Final Hurdle

I made Jamie and I a brew of tea as we peered out from Ellie’s wheelhouse into the distance. Suddenly I saw a red and green navigation light dead ahead of us at about 300 metres. I couldn’t make it out and more importantly I needed to judge the direction of the lights in relation that of Ellie. I quickly realised we would collide on this current course. I diverted to Port taking Ellie away from the advancing as yet unknown vessel.

Within about a minute the other vessel was on our starboard side, passing us. I saw she was a big yacht. A maxi-yacht in fact, traveling fast and heading North. I was surprised to see her and looked back ahead of us. I saw many many sets of navigation lights all ahead of us. It seemed the yacht that passed us was the lead yachts in a race of some 50 plus yachts of various sizes heading North the Gold Coast.

Dodgem Cars

The next 3 hours as we cruised to the heads of Port Jackson would require all our skill to avoid the yachts that were ‘beating into the wind’ and tacking across our path. They were under sail and were were under power, the yachts had right of way. As a yachtie I respected that, although it slowed us considerably it actually made the time pass quickly.  Dodging other boats is a skill developed whilst sailing and taking people for Sydney harbour cruises.

Sydney Heads

The last yacht in the racing pack passed us and I saw the glow of Sydney’s lights and the looming silhouette of the North Head of the entrance to Port Jackson. I was elated and messaged my wife who inquired “are you coming home tonight”. I was so tired after the non-stop leg from Coff’s Harbour the answer was no. We would enter the Heads and turn right into Quarantine Bay, drop anchor and sleep.

We would bring Ellie to her berth in the morning.