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Sunrise & Joy

The sun rose on our trip South and this day was THE best day. The wind had dropped to wistful puffs. The ocean was oily and calm. Not a cloud in the sky. Our course was taking us toward Broughton Island. With auto pilot engaged Jamie and I enjoyed our morning coffee on the forward deck.

Suddenly ……….. Dolphins! What joy to see them surfing the pressure wave. They played and traveled with us for over an hour during our approach to the island. They left us and we took time out and cruised around Broughton Island. Crystal clear ocean, we could see to the sea floor some 12 or 15 feet below us. We were making good time and we could afford a break to rest and re-charge.

As we cruised slowly to a stop in a secluded bay on the Southern side of the island it was time for a swim. Jamie dived over the side. This water was warmer than Tasmania đŸ™‚ He swam and looked under the boat. He dove down and surfaced with a piece of rope that had wrapped around the propeller shaft. We call this a ‘prop warp’ and left unattended they can cause a major problem. Jamie skillfully removed this from shaft and brought it on board with him. He dried himself off. Whilst he was getting dry I was looking at the ocean floor.

A shark, type unknown cruised under Ellie. I guessed it was about 3 metres long. A king of the deep. Jamie seemed  not fazed but I think he was quite relieved he was back aboard.